We support clients in 116 countries on a daily basis.

Our Products & Services

The services we provide encompass web hosting, content delivery, data storage, server management, and bandwidth.

These digital services are delivered from secure, high performance data facilities around the world with an on-demand pricing model accessible to enterprises, small businesses, and end-users alike.

Our products are designed to be utilized equally by end-users and enterprises, and equally by newcomers and advanced users.

Our Goals

Keep Data Safe (Security)

Complete security and protection of hosted data and personally identifying information. Data security involves uptime and contingency planning in addition to basic protection.

Understand Individual Needs (Service)

Complete understanding of the needs of our customers. Complete dedication to ongoing management of customer applications and environments.

Do Something New (Innovation)

Constant review of new technologies and existing service architecture. Strive to continuously upgrade and enhance core features, while maintaining continuity of service.

Think Platform, not Product (Transparency)

Our technologies and business processes are open to our clients. We make available everything we have, in order to deliver a customized service for each use case.

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Our Story



Founded as Gaiacom LLC in 2013 with a mission to build automated IT infrastructure for Web start-ups, SaaS, and e-commerce businesses.

July 2013

Opened SolVPS® to the Public

In 2014 we launched SolVPS, a web hosting and server hosting company with a focus on delivering high performance infrastructure.

May 2014

Relocated to Downtown Los Angeles

We relocated to a new office in Koreatown, Los Angeles in summer 2015 to accommodate expanded operations.

August 2015

Surpassed 10,000 Registered Users

From early 2014 to late 2015 we delivered service to 10,000 users, and millions of end users, through our web hosting and server hosting platform.

October 2015

Re-formed as a Stock Corporation

Gaiacom was converted to Maya Virtual, Inc., a stock corporation in the State of Delaware in preparation for 2016 and beyond.

December 2015